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Zynq-7000® All Programmable SoC Intelligent Drives Kit II Technical Specifications
Analog Devices AD-FMCMOTCON2-EBZ high performance servo module
Drive 2 BLDC / PMSM / Brushed DC / Stepper motors up to 48 V @ 20 A
AD7403/5 Isolated 20 MHz Σ-Δ modulators for precise voltage and current measurement
ADuM5000/7640 power and digital signal isolation
ADuM5230 Isolated Half-Bridge Driver for High Frequency Switching
Integrated over-current and reverse-voltage protection
Dual Gigabit IEEE1588 Ethernet PHYs for high speed industrial communication
Isolated Xilinx XADC interface
Sensored or sensoreless position measurement
Encoder support includes BISS, EnDAT, Hall Sensor, and resolver
Target Applications
Industrial servos and drives
Manufacturing, assembly, and automation
Medical diagnostic
Surgical assist robotics
Video surveillance and machine vision
Power efficient drives for transportation